Sunday, March 28, 2010

Future bicycle rally in India

I intend to carry out bicycle rallys in India in the following cities: Hyderabad (8th May), Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Chennai & Delhi as the big cities are turning out to be the most poluted ones and the general public need to be more and more aware about it.

We had a meeting with Ahmedabad Mirror group who are planning to organize another bicycle rally in Ahmedabad. It was great learning experience with inputs from NID students, some visiting Australian students, CEE (Center for Environment Education) etc.

More news about Hyderabad later..................

Coverage of my bicycle trip to Palitana

I had never thought that I will get front page media coverage by Times of India for this tour. They dubbed me as Rancho of IIM A. It was very nice of them to give me front page coverage. I felt a bit burdened by the need to perform and felt more love towards the world which has given me so much. More to come.......

Bicycle rally at Ahmedabad, India (7th Feb 2010)

I thought of writing something to set the tempo of the world tour. With the help of SEPIA I got an opportunity to organize a bicycle rally in Ahmedabad. I felt it as a stepping stone in bringing together the people who are interested in living holistically. People who like to slow down a bit to live more meaningfully. People willing to see "the journey" rather than worrying too much about "the destination".

It was a great success with wide media coverage and due to involvement of IIM Ahmedabad director, Prof. Barua, as well as the Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner, I. P. Gautam. Several professors from IIM Ahmedabad participated in the rally. There was tree plantation done at couple of places and also plants were donated to ISRO group director. The rally was covered by prominent newspapers live DNA, Rajasthan Patrika, Times of India, Gujarat Samachar, Ahmedabad Mirror and some other climate related sites

The Municipal commissioner assured that his department is working on building more cycle lanes for the commuters.